Marginal increase in selling prices manufacturing industry

Selling prices of Dutch manufacturing industry were 1.7 percent higher in March 2007 than in the same month last year. Price increases over the last seven months range between 1 and 2 percent.

In various sectors, selling prices were distinctly higher than one year previously. The Prices of wood-processing products and basic metal products were 9.5 percent higher. With 6.3 and 5.5 percent respectively, selling prices of metal products and construction materials were also considerably higher than in March 2006.

In petroleum processing and refining, on the other hand, the price level was 8.6 percent lower, largely as a result of depreciation of the US dollar against the euro. The price of the US dollar dropped 10 percent relative to March 2006. Additionally, the average price of petroleum on the global market was more than 1 percent lower.

Selling prices increased by an average 0.7 percent relative to February. Prices of products sold on the Dutch domestic market rose by 0.5 percent. Prices of exported products increased by 0.7 percent.

Factory gate prices

Factory gate prices