Low tech sector

The division of sectors into low tech, medium tech, and high tech is taken from the European Central Bank.

Low tech companies include:
• Manufacture of food and drink
• Manufacture of tobacco
• Manufacture of textiles
• Manufacture of clothes; preparation and dyeing of  furs
• Manufacture of leather and leatherwear (not clothes)
• Wood industry and manufacture of articles made of wood, cork, cane and wickerwork (not furniture)
• Manufacture of paper, cardboard and products of paper and cardboard
• Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media
• Manufacture of glass, earthenware, cement and plaster products
• Manufacture of primary metals
• Manufacture of metal products (not machines and transport equipment)

Medium tech sectors are:
• Petroleum and coal processing; processing of nuclear fuels
• Manufacture of chemical products
• Manufacture of rubber and synthetic products
• Manufacture of machines and equipment
• Manufacture of cars, trailers and semi-trailers
• Manufacture of transport equipment (not cars, trailers and semi-trailers)
• Manufacture of furniture and other goods

High tech sectors include:
• Manufacture of office machines and computers
• Manufacture of other electrical machines, equipment and peripherals
• Manufacture of audio, video and telecommunication equipment and peripherals
• Manufacture of medical equipment and instruments, orthopaedic articles etc., precision and optical instruments and clockworks.