Volume of exports grows by 9 percent

In February, the volume of exports of goods grew 9 percent compared to February 2006. Imports increased by 11 percent. The amount of working days and public holidays did not affect international trade. Import prices rose by 1 percent relative to one year previously; export prices were approximately 0.5 percent higher.

In February, the growth of exports was almost equal to the average over 2006. With 8 percent, January’s increase was marginally lower. Adjusted for price changes, the growth of imports was one percentage point higher than in 2006.

The value of exports of goods totalled 26.9 billion euro, an increase by almost 10 percent on one year ago. The value of imports of goods totalled 23.9 billion euro, i.e. a 12 percent increase on February 2006. The resulting trade balance surplus of 3.0 billion euro is lower than in February 2006.

The value of exports to non-EU countries was higher than one year previously. With respect to imports, the value of imports from EU countries was significantly higher than twelve months ago. January showed a similar pattern.

International trade in chemical products, manufactured goods, machinery and transport equipment rose markedly. Exports of mineral fuels and sundry manufactured goods (e.g. clothes, photographic, medical and measuring equipment) declined.

Exports of goods (volume)

Exports of goods (volume)