Retail turnover almost 4 percent up

Dutch retailers realised almost 4 percent more turnover in February 2007 than in the same month last year. This is chiefly because they sold more. The volume of turnover rose by almost 3 percent. Retail products cost just under 1 percent more than in February 2006. Just as in preceding months, mail order and other on-line services showed the largest increase in turnover. These retailers realised almost 10 percent more turnover compared to the same month one year previously.

Turnover of non-food shops in February was almost 5 percent higher than in the same period last year. Shops selling clothes realised the largest increase in turnover, but shops selling home decoration items also performed well. Textile supermarkets sold less than in February 2006. In the food sector turnover rose by 2 percent in February compared with February 2006.

The majority of retail sales take place in shops. In 2006, 36 percent of turnover was realised by shops in the food sector. Non-food shops realised 59 percent of retail turnover. The rest was realised by mail order and on-line services, market and street traders.

The development of retail turnover presents a first indication of  the development in consumption expenditure by households. About one third of domestic consumption consists of goods bought at retail outlets. After a strong increase in the first three quarters of 2006, the growth rate of retail sales fell slightly. This is reflected in a less powerful growth of consumer spending in the past few months.

Turnover in retail trade

Turnover in retail trade