Imports of electricity again higher in 2006

In 2006, net imports of electricity increased by 17 percent to 77 PJ. Currently, 22 percent of electricity consumed in the Netherlands is generated abroad.

Less electricity generated

Last year, electricity consumption rose by 1.8 percent to 346 PJ. An ever increasing proportion of the total amount of electricity required to meet the demands of the Dutch consumer is imported. In 2006, the amount of electricity imported into the Netherlands rose again. At the same time, net electricity generation in the Netherlands declined by 3 percent.

Electricity imports, generation and consumption

Electricity imports, generation and consumption

Electricity generation down

Generation of electricity in large power stations run by electricity companies fell last year to 232 PJ, i.e. 2.5 percent down on 2005. Coal and coal derivatives used in the electricity production process decreased by 3 percent, natural gas by 6 percent. This is the result of a more efficient use of power stations.

Decentralised generation produces less heat

Decentralised generation of electricity in power stations remained virtually unchanged at 41 PJ. Several large combined heat power (CHP) stations were closed down and changes in the production process in other stations resulted in a reduction in generated heat by 20 percent. The amount of natural gas used in decentralised electricity generation was the same as in 2005. The use of petroleum derivatives was reduced by 19 percent to limit CO2 emissions. During decentralised generation of electricity, the use of petroleum derivatives is less than a quarter of the amount of natural gas used. 

Manufacturing industry consumed less natural gas

Apart from power stations, manufacturing industry also used a smaller amount of natural gas. Natural gas consumption was 344 PJ, i.e. 6.5 percent down on 2005. This is the result of reduced activity and the closing down of several bulk consumers of natural gas in manufacturing industry. Natural gas consumption of the rest remained virtually unchanged at 619 PJ.

Natural gas consumption

Natural gas consumption

Leendert Pleijsier