Unemployment hardly changed

15/03/2007 11:38

In the period December 2006–February 2007, the seasonally adjusted unemployment figure in the Netherlands stood at 380 thousand. This is more or less equal to the period November-January, whereas in the preceding periods, unemployment obviously declined. Since the summer of 2006, unemployment has continuously decreased by an average of 7 thousand a month.

In the period December-February, unemployment was 70 thousand down on the same period one year previously. The most substantial decrease in unemployment was observed among men. Male unemployment was reduced by 51 thousand, female unemployment by 19 thousand. The decline in female unemployment was offset by the large amount of women entering the labour market.

In the period December-February an average of 5.1 percent of the Dutch labour force were unemployed. The male and female unemployment rates were 3.9 and 6.6 percent respectively. In relative terms, the highest unemployment rate is still recorded among young people. Nearly 10 percent of 15 to 24-year-old labour force are unemployed.

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted

Unemployment, seasonally adjusted