Retail turnover up 4 percent

Figures released today by Statistics Netherlands show that the retail trade booked 4.1 percent more turnover in January 2007 than twelve months previously. Retail trade via the Internet in particular realised a substantially higher turnover.

The turnover for mail order companies and other online retailers rose by nearly 12 percent in January.
January turnover in the retail trade was positively influenced by a more favourable composition of shopping days than in the same month last year. After correction for this, there was still a clear increase in turnover.

Turnover increase for non-food shops

Non-food shops realised a 4.8 percent increase in turnover in January 2007. They sold more goods than last year: the volume of turnover was 3.7 higher than twelve months previously.

In the non-food sector, shops selling consumer electronics realised the largest turnover growth, more than 8 percent. Within the non-food sector, only textile supermarkets had a lower turnover than twelve months previously: their turnover was 5 percent down on the same month last year.

Food sector turnover also up

Shops selling food, drink and tobacco also increased turnover in January, by 3.0 percent. Prices were 1.3 percent higher than in January last year, the volume of sales increased by 1.6 percent.