Clear growth for retail turnover in January

Dutch retailers realised over 4 percent more turnover in January 2007 than in the same month last year. This upward development in turnover was the result of the more favourable shopping day pattern than last year. After a rough correction for shopping days retail turnover was still higher. Retail products cost over 1 percent more than in January 2006, the volume grew by almost 3 percent.

The increase in turnover of mail order and on-line services was almost 12 percent. This is about three times as high as the growth of the sales in shops. About 95 percent of retail sales take place in shops. The rest includes besides mail order and on-line services also market and street traders.

Turnover of non-food shops in January was almost 5 percent higher than in the same period last year. Shops selling consumer electronics and home decoration items performed particularly well. Textile supermarkets sold less.

In the food sector turnover rose by over 3 percent in January compared with January 2006. Supermarkets had a higher growth of turnover than specialist shops in this sector.

Turnover in retail trade

Turnover in retail trade