Turnover growth hotels and restaurants 5 percent

Turnover in the sector hotels and restaurants increased considerably in 2006. The 5 percent turnover growth was nearly twice as high as in 2005. Sales grew by nearly 3 percent. All branches in the sector performed well, but turnover in hotels and restaurants increased most. After five years of decline, sales in cafeterias, snack bars and fastfood outlets also picked up in 2006, according to provisional figures published by Statistics Netherlands.

Highest turnover growth for hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants made the largest contribution to the substantial turnover increase in the sector in 2006, partly on account of increased business spending. Hotels and restaurants realised a turnover growth of more than 6 and 5.5 percent respectively, compared to one year previously. Turnover volume grew by 3.5 percent

Snack bars, cafeterias and fastfood outlets recover

After five years of declining sales, snackbars, cafeterias and fastfood outlets did better last year when sales increased by nearly 2 percent. In the fourth quarter of 2006, sales improved considerably. Sales in pubs grew 1.7 percent in 2006. As prices went 2 percent up, total turnover increased by nearly 4 percent relative to 2005.