Improved growth export volume

After correction for the number of working days, the volume of exports of goods in December was 13 percent up on December 2005. In the last months of 2006, the growth of the volume of exports was on average above the growth of the first three quarters. Over the whole year 2006, the volume of exports increased by 9 percent compared to 2005, as against 7 percent in 2005.

The volume of imported goods grew by more than 8 percent, relative to one year previously. With 10 percent, the growth of the volume of imported goods was substantial in 2006 and more than 3 percent points higher than in 2005.

December 2006 had two working days less than December 2005. The effect on the growth of imports and exports was more than 5 percent points. Import and export prices were 1 percent up on one year previously.

In December, the value of exported goods totalled 27.1 billion euro, a 9 percent increase on December 2005. For almost three years now, the value of exports has been higher every month compared to the same months one year previously. In 2006, exports of goods reached a record high of 317.9 billion euro.

The value of imported goods increased by 5 percent in December and totalled 23.7 billion euro. Over the whole year 2006, the value of imports grew by 14 percent to 284.9 billion euro. This resulted in a trade surplus in 2006 of an unprecedented 33,0 billion euro.

The rise in exports to non-EU countries in December was much more substantial in December than to EU countries. Imports revealed an opposite trend.

Just like in the past months, the trade in fabricated goods (such as leather, rubber and wooden products, paper, fibres, iron and steel) rose significantly in December 2006. The value of imports and exports was approximately 25 percent higher. The increase was marginally higher than the average increase over 2006.

Goods exports (volume)

Goods exports (volume)