Consumption up in December

In December 2006, Dutch household spending on goods and services was 2.3 percent up on one year previously. This development is consistent with the growth observed in the preceding months. Household spending on goods and services rose by 3.0 and 1.6 percent respectively.

Just like in the preceding months, spending on consumer durables increased the most in December. Households spent 8.0 percent more on furniture, clothes, cars, television sets and washing machines relative to one year ago. Consumer spending on food, drinks and tobacco increased 2.1 percent compared to December 2005.

The increase in consumer spending was curbed by a significantly lower energy consumption on account of December’s mild weather conditions.

Compared to the preceding years, consumption growth more than doubled in 2006. Last year, consumption increased by 2.6 percent. Household appliances, furniture and clothes in particular were popular items.

The figures were adjusted for price changes and differences in the number of shopping days. The effects on consumption of the new Dutch health care system – introduced in January 2006 – have been taken into account.

Domestic household consumption (volume)

Domestic household consumption (volume)