Goods exports more than 10 percent up

The volume of goods exported by the Netherlands was more than 10 percent larger in November 2006 than in November 2005. This increase is 2 percent points higher than the average for the first ten months of 2006. The volume of imported goods was 8 percent larger than twelve months previously. This is 2 percent points lower than the average for the first ten months.

The value of exported goods amounted to 29.0 billion euro. This is 12 percent up on November 2005. The value of imported goods was 11 percent higher, at 25.5 billion euro. At 3.6 billion euro, the resulting balance of trade was substantially higher than the 2.9 billion euro in November 2005.

Prices of imports and exports were around 2 percent higher than twelve months previously. This increase is around the same level as in September and October.

The value of imports from countries within the EU in particular was higher than twelve months previously. It rose by 14 percent to 14.1 billion euro. Imports from non-EU countries were 6 percent higher. There was hardly difference between exports to EU and to non-EU countries.

As far as the goods traded are concerned, imports and exports of raw materials were significantly higher than in November 2005. Imports showed an increase of 33 percent, exports 25 percent. Trade in manufactured products ( e.g. leather, rubber and wooden products, paper, yarn, iron and steel) also rose substantially, by more than 25 percent.

Goods exports (volume)

Goods exports (volume)