Clothes and shoes 17 percent cheaper during sales

In the period 2000–2006, prices of clothes and shoes were on average reduced by 17 percent during the sales in January and July, relative to October and April. Women’s clothes were reduced more in price than men’s clothes.

New collection ups prices

Prices of clothes and shoes reveal a seasonal pattern. Twice a year, a large part of the collection is replaced by new items. The summer collection causes prices to rise in February and March and the same applies to the winter collection in August and September. The sales in December and January and in June and July have a downward effect on prices.

Average price index clothes and shoes, 2000–2006

Average price index clothes and shoes, 2000–2006

Women’s wear more reduced in price

In the period 2000–2006, prices for clothes and footwear were on average 17 percent lower than in October of the previous year. During the summer sales in July, consumer prices were on average 16percent down on April. In the last month of the sales, the price gap with the previous year was largest: in January and July clothes and shoes were an average 10 percent cheaper than in the previous month.

The sales discounts on women’s wear were more substantial than on men’s wear. In January and July, women’s clothing was 20 percent cheaper than in the expensive months. The average discount on men’s wear was 13 percent. Prices of footwear were reduced by an average 12 percent during the sales.

Annual average price index clothes and shoes

Annual average price index clothes and shoes

Clothes and shoes cheaper than in 2002

Between 2002 and 2005, prices of clothes and shoes fell continually. In 2006, the average price of clothes and shoes was marginally higher than in 2005, but clothes and shoes were still about 7 percent cheaper than in 2002.

Since 2002, prices of women’s wear have fallen more sharply than prices of men’s wear. Price cuts on women’s and men’s wear average 8 and 6 percent respectively. Men’s wear was again subject to price cuts in 2006, women’s clothing became marginally more expensive.
Footwear became cheaper in recent years after a relatively substantial price increase between 2000 and 2002. In 2006, prices for footwear went slightly up again, but on average shoes are still 5 percent cheaper than in 2002.

Bas de Groot