Metal prices up substantially

21/12/2006 15:21

Factory gate prices in the Dutch manufacturing industry were 2.5 percent higher in November than twelve months previously. Since June this year the price increase has been consistently smaller than in the preceding month. In November the year-on-year price increase was larger than in October. This is mainly because of the relatively low price level in November last year.

Metal prices on the global market have risen strongly. This is one of the reasons why prices in the basic metal industry were 23.6 percent higher than in November 2005. In March this year the prices were only 1.8 percent higher than twelve months previously. In addition, factory gate prices in both the metal products industry and the wood processing industry rose by above average rates: 5.8 percent.

In the petroleum industry factory gate prices were 2.6 percent lower than in November 2005. In October they were nearly 10 percent lower. In January this year prices in this sector were still as much as 50 percent higher. This development is caused by the developments in oil prices. 

Factory gate prices

Factory gate prices