Unemployment rate marginally down

According to the most recent figures published by Statistics Netherlands, unemployment – after adjustment for seasonal variation – averaged 406 thousand in the period September-November 2006, a reduction by 5 thousand on the period August-October 2006.
In September-November of this year, 5.2 percent of the labour force were unemployed, as against 6.2 percent one year previously.

Modest reduction after up-and-down trend in summer

Before summer, seasonally adjusted unemployment was reduced by 8 thousand a month to 408 thousand in the second quarter. Subsequently, the unemployment figure ranged between 404 and 414 thousand during the summer season. In the past two months, unemployment fell marginally by an average 4 thousand a month.

Sharpest decline among male 25 to 45-year-olds

In the period September-November 2006, the number of unemployed was 69 thousand down on one year ago. As their number fell by 36 thousand, male 25 to 45-year-olds accounted for more than half of the reduction. With 11 thousand, the reduction among female unemployed in the same age group was less substantial.
Unemployment among over-45s was reduced by only 6 thousand. They were all men. Unemployment among young people in the age category 15-25 fell by 16 thousand to 84 thousand over the past year. In this age group, more women than men found a job