Investments expected to grow further

Manufacturers expect a 3 percent growth of investments this year, relative to 2005. For the second year running, investments are expected to grow in 2006. Manufacturers of petrochemical products are particularly optimistic in 2006 about this and next year’s investment prospects, according to the autumn investment survey conducted by Statistics Netherlands.

Petrochemical and metal companies positive about 2006

Manufacturers of petrochemical products are most positive about the investment climate in 2006. They expect investments to grow by 24 percent compared to 2005; manufacturers of metal products expect a 15 percent growth. In food, drinks and tobacco, on the other hand, producers are pessimistic, as they anticipate an 11 percent cutback in investment.
Public utility companies (energy and water supply) and companies engaged in the extraction of minerals are even more positive about their investments in 2006 and expect a growth by 66 and 40 percent respectively.

Manufacturers also optimistic about 2007

Manufacturers expect a further growth of investments in 2007 by 9 percent. Optimism prevails in virtually all branches of industry with the exception of food, drinks and tobacco.
Providers of energy and water expect to see their investments grow by 51 percent in 2007. Companies engaged in the extraction of minerals are pessimistic and foresee a reduction of investments by 32 percent in 2007.