More and more media and mail via the Internet

Nearly 60 percent of the 10.5 frequent Internet users in the Netherlands used the Internet for media activities such as reading a newspaper, listening to the radio or watching TV in 2006. The Internet is also replacing traditional postal services to a large extent.

News increasingly reaches the public via the Internet

News items are increasingly being released via the Internet. Forty-three percent of Internet users read the news on-line or download news items. Compared with 2005, this is an increase of 8 percent points.

More men read news online

Men who use the Internet are more likely to read a newspaper online than women. In 2006, 48 percent of men using the Internet did this, compared with 38 percent of women. As far as age is concerned, 25-45 year-olds are most likely to keep up with the news online.

Internet use to download or read news, 2005-2006 

Online radio and TV popular among younger ages

Computers and the Internet are encroaching on traditional TV time. In 2006, 35 percent of people who use the Internet use it to listen to the radio or watch a TV programme. This is 9 percent more than in 2005. Almost half of all 12-25 year-old Internet users reported listening to the radio and watching TV as Internet activities.

Users of online radio and TV, 2005–2006

Fewer cards and letters 

The advent of the Internet has meant an increasing reduction in the number of cards and letters sent by traditional post.  Seven percent of Internet users say they have replaced all their post by Internet and/or e-mail, 21 percent say they have to a large extent. Here, too, it is the younger generation - 15-25 year-olds - who use the Internet most for these purposes. Nearly 30 percent of people using the Internet do not use e-mail. Many users aged over 55 in particular do not seem to be ready for this yet.

Replacement of traditional post by the Internet or e-mail, 2006

Ger Linden