Special education stream (lwoo)

Special education within prevocational secondary education (lwoo) is intended for pupils with learning difficulties and/or behavioural and motivation problems who are capable of passing the diploma with extra coaching and supervision.
The criteria to assess whether a vmbo pupil is eligible for special education are based on how far behind he or she is, learning skills (IQ) and social-emotional problems. Schools receive extra government funding to give these pupils extra attention.
Lwoo pupils are placed in the same four streams and receive the same diplomas as other vmbo pupils. What form the  extra support they are entitled to takes is the responsibility of the school; it varies from coaching in certain subjects and homework supervision, to smaller classes. The extra support may be given during normal lessons, but also outside normal class hours, and may be given on both the long and the short term.
The results on repeaters and transfers from vmbo are provisional. The enrolment and exam pass rates are definite figures.
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