More than 1 million Dutch head for the slopes

Around 1.1 million Dutch holidaymakers went on a winter sports holiday in the winter season 2004/’05.  Austria was the most popular destination, but is losing ground to Germany and the Czech republic. The holidaymakers spent an average 590 euro per person on holidays in the snow.

Two-thirds go around spring half-term

The 1.1 million Dutch winter sports tourists accounted for a total of 1.2 million skiing holidays. More than 770 thousand holidays were taken around the spring half-term, between mid-January and mid- March. In the Christmas period - from the beginning of December to mid-January - 330 thousand people travelled to the snow. The total number of winter sports holidays was nearly 80 thousand higher in the winter of 2004/’05 than twelve months previously.

Winter sports holidays by period

Austria still favourite

Nearly half of Dutch skiers went to Austria. In 2002/’03 this was still 56 percent. France too was less popular, accounting for 20 percent of holidays in the winter of 2002/’03 and only 17 percent in 2004/’05. This decrease was mainly the result of the rising popularity of Germany and the Czech Republic as winter sports destinations.
Tyrol in Austria is the most popular region for the Dutch: one in three winter sports holidays were spent there. The French Alps followed at a distance (Dauphiné and Savoy) with 15 percent.

Winter sports holidays by destination

Three-quarters of holidaymakers downhill skiers

Nearly three-quarters of people going on winter sports holidays go to ski downhill. Snowboarding is the main activity for 9 percent and cross country skiing for  5 percent.
Eight out of ten holidaymakers travel there by car, one in ten go by coach. The others travel by train or plane. Coach travel has been decreasing in recent years, in favour of car journeys.

Average costs nearly 600 euro

Dutch holidaymakers spent an average 590 euro per person in the winter of 2004/’05. This amount was lower than two years previously: in  2002/’03 it was still more than 620 euro. One explanation for this is that the holidays have become shorter. The duration of a skiing holiday fell by half a day from 2002/’03 to 2004/’05 to just under 9 days.
Holidaymakers who travel by car spent an average 560 euro per holiday in 2004/’05. Those who travelled by coach, train or plane spent 130 euro more.

Average spending per winter sports holiday

Henk Swinkels