Increase in production of commercial vehicles

The importance of the Netherlands as manufacturer of motorcars is decreasing and has shifted to other products like lorries, buses and car components.

The manufacture of lorries and buses is expanding in the Netherlands. In 2005, the production of lorries passed the 63 thousand mark, an increase by 9 percent relative to 2004. Production of buses grew by over 30 percent to reach 2 thousand.

Car production in Europe, 2005

Car production in Europe, 2005

Car production booming in new member states

The downturn in car production is a national phenomenon. Altogether, the EU countries manufactured nearly 18 million motorcars in 2005, about the same amount as in 2004. The most remarkable growth rates were recorded in the ten new EU member states, where production increased by 16 percent last year. Europe accounted for one third of motorcars manufactured worldwide in 2005.

Netherlands plays important role

In 2005, the countries of the EU-15 manufactured 550 thousand lorries. Germany topped the list with 37 percent, the Netherlands accounted for 12 percent. Production of buses in the EU-15 totalled 30 thousand. Germany and Sweden each accounted for 26 percent, the Netherlands for 6 percent.

Hans Draper