Retail turnover higher

21/11/2006 10:12

In September, retailers generated 5 percent more turnover than in the same month of 2005. The increase of turnover in food shops was slightly higher than the rise of turnover in non-food shops. Products sold by retailers were almost 2 percent more expensive than in the same month of the previous year. Prices in food shops in particular were higher.

Supermarkets generated over 6 percent more turnover and specialized shops in the food sector almost 3 percent more in September. In the non-food sector the largest increase on September 2005 was generated by shops selling home furnishings, d-i-y shops and retailers selling consumer electronics.

Growth in retail turnover remained high in the third quarter. Nevertheless, it lagged a little behind the growth rate in the preceding quarter. In the first three quarters of 2006, retail turnover increased sharply after a three year period with declining sales. 

Turnover in retail trade

Turnover in retail trade