Dutch consumer confidence slightly down

According to figures published by Statistics Netherlands, consumer confidence fell slightly in November 2006 relative to October, but optimists still outnumber pessimists. Consumers were less positive about the economic climate in November. Willingness to buy remained stable. 

Consumer slightly less enthusiastic about economic climate

Consumers were a bit less positive about the economic climate in November 2006. Their opinions on the economic climate for the next twelve months peaked last month, but in November fell back to the level of August and September. Consumers did not change their opinions about economic developments in the twelve months to come. Optimists still amply outnumber pessimists with respect to the economic climate.

Willingness to buy hardly changed

Although the underlying factors were subject to change, consumers’ willingness to buy hardly changed in November. Willingness to buy is based on the question, whether consumers think it is the right time to buy expensive items and on their opinions about the financial situation of their own households.

Consumers were less negative in November about their financial situation in the past twelve months. On the other hand, their willingness to buy expensive items deteriorated. Dutch consumers were also more pessimistic about their own financial situation in the twelve months to come. For the first time in eight months, pessimists slightly outnumber optimists in this respect.