Over one million Dutch citizens have dual nationality

Op 1 January 2006 more than 1 million Dutch nationals also had at least one other nationality. This is two and a half times the number on 1 January 1995. Nearly half of these people have Turkish or Moroccan nationality in addition to Dutch citizenship.

Dutch nationals with at least one other nationality, 1 January

Naturalisation pushes up dual citizenship

The strong increase in the number of Dutch citizens with multiple citizenship is a result of the large number of naturalisations, especially in the second half of the 1990s. Most new Dutch nationals kept their original nationality once they had been naturalised.
From 1 January 1992 to 1 October 1997 non-Dutch nationals were allowed to retain their original nationality when they received Dutch citizenship, and most of them did so. Since 1 October 1997 people in the Netherlands may have only one nationality, although there are a number of exceptions. In practice, most naturalised citizens retain their original nationality.

Naturalisations up slightly in 2005

Over 21 thousand people were granted Dutch citizenship in 2005. This is nearly one thousand more than in 2004, but only half the number in 2001. In 2005 just over 15 thousand adults and 6 thousand children received Dutch nationality.


More Moroccans in particular in 2005

The fall in the number of Moroccans granted Dutch nationality seems to have come to an end. In 2005 4.7 thousand Moroccans received Dutch citizenship, 0.5 thousand more than in 2004. In 1996, the peak year for naturalisation, no fewer than 15 thousand Moroccans were granted Dutch nationality.
The number of Turks receiving Dutch citizenship is still falling: it was 2.3 thousand in 2005, less than one tenth of the number in 1996. Other large groups receiving Dutch citizenship in 2005 were citizens of the former Soviet Union (1.2 thousand) and of Suriname (800). Their numbers were also slightly higher than in 2004.

Naturalisations of Turks and Moroccans

Other ways to receive Dutch nationality

In addition to naturalisation, there are other regulations under which non-nationals may be granted Dutch nationality: for example by recognition or legal adoption. In 2005, 7.2 thousand persons received Dutch nationality by way of these other regulations.

Han Nicolaas