Fewer work-related accidents

The number of work-related accidents was reduced by more than 10 thousand between 2000 and 2005. The risk for workers of getting killed or injured at work declined in most sectors. Construction workers still run the highest risk.

Risk of work-related accident smaller

Last year, 1.8 percent (140 thousand persons) of working people in the Netherlands were involved in accidents at work. The corresponding figure for 2000 was 2.0 percent (over 150 thousand persons).

Workers involved in work-related accidents

Most accidents occur in construction sector

Work-related accidents are most common in the construction sector, but the risk is also relatively high for people working in agriculture and manufacturing industry. The risk is relatively low for those working in the services sector.

Workers involved in work-related accidents by sector

Many cut wounds

Almost one in three people involved in work-related accidents sustain an open wound or cut wound. This type of injury is more common than bruises or sprains. In recent years, the number of open wounds or cut wounds has risen slightly. One in ten work-related accidents involve fractures.

Type of injury caused by work-related accidents

Reduced risk of accidents at work

In most sectors, the risk of being injured or killed marginally declined or remained the same in recent years. Changes on the labour market also played a part in this respect. The number of workers was reduced precisely in those sectors, where the risk of accidents is high, i.e. construction and manufacturing industry. Public administration, education and health care and welfare, where the work-related accident rate is relatively low, employed more people in the period 2003–2005 than in the period 2000–2002.

Martijn Souren