Manufacturing turnover up again

16/10/2006 13:37

Manufacturing turnover was 7 percent higher in July 2006 than in the same month last year. Turnover has been higher than twelve months previously for more than two years now.

Nearly three-quarters of the increase in July is accounted for by higher factory gate prices. The record prices for a barrel of crude oil in May were exceeded in July. This pushed up prices of products in petrochemical industry in particular, although by less than earlier this year.

Domestic turnover grew by 7 percent in July. Sales in the petrochemical sector in particular were up. Turnover in this sector was 20 percent higher, with prices 12 percent higher. On the export market the increase in manufacturing turnover was slightly better, at 8 percent. The metal industry did good business abroad: turnover was up 9 percent, while prices rose by 3 percent. 

Turnover industry

Turnover industry