Growth rate goods exports remains high

The volume of goods exports was almost 9 percent larger in August 2006 than in August 2005. The volume of imported goods was up 10 percent.

In the first eight months of 2006 the volume of exports was more than 8 percent larger than in the same period of 2005. This puts the volume increase of exports 1.5 percent points above that for the whole of 2005. The volume increase for imports in the first eight months of 2006 was 10 percent, 3.5 percent points higher than for the whole of 2005.

With a value of 25.1 billion euro, exports were 13 percent higher in August than twelve months previously. Imports were 14 percent higher at 23.4 billion euro. Prices of imports and exports rose by about 4 percent in the space of one year. The balance of trade was 1.8 billion euro, compared with 1.9 billion euro in Augustus 2005.

Although August 2006 had the same number of working days as August last year, the staggered holidays may have had an effect on trade.

The value of imports and exports in August was pushed up mainly by increased trade with countries in the EU. The value of imports from EU countries in particular rose relatively substantially, by 19 percent. Imports from outside the EU were much less, at 9 percent. For exports, too, trade with EU countries rose by more than trade outside the EU. The value of exports to EU countries was 14 percent higher than twelve months previously, compared with an increase of 10 percent to non-EU countries. The latter is the lowest growth rate for more than a year. 

Goods exports (volume)

Goods exports (volume)