Forty percent of Dutch exports are re-exports

A considerable proportion of Dutch exports are products imported into the Netherlands, which are exported without undergoing any- or only very little - further processing here. These re-exports accounted for just over 40 percent of the total value of exports. In 2005 the percentage of re-exports was stable, following an increase in 2004. The remaining exports are goods produced in the Netherlands.

Re-exports total 122 billion euro in 2005

In 2002 and  2003 re-exports accounted for an average 42 percent of tot the total value of goods exports. From 2004 it was 43 percent. This is the equivalent of 122 billion euro of the total export value of 281 billion euro, while 159 billion euro was generated by exports of Dutch-manufactured goods.

Percentage of re-exports in total export value

Percentage of re-exports in total export value

Machines and transport equipment

The re-exported products are mainly machines – electrical equipment and electronics, such as household appliances and computers – and transport equipment: these products account for half of the total value of re-exports. Nearly 90 percent of exported electrical machines and electronics have been imported prior to being exported. Exported foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco, on the other hand, are relatively often produced in the Netherlands.

Export value per product category in 2005

Percentage of re-exports in total export value

2004: sharp increase in re-exports

In 2004 and 2005 the total value of exports rose by about 10 percent per year. In 2004 this was mainly accounted for by the growth in re-exports, especially in the last three quarters when the value was more than 15 percent higher than one year previously.
From the second half of 2004, the value of exported goods produced in the Netherlands was around 10 percent higher than twelve months previously. In the first half of 2006 both re-exports and exports of Dutch manufactured goods were substantially up again.

Value of exports and re-exports

Value of exports and re-exports

Lower prices for re-exports

Prices developed differently for re-exports than for exports of Dutch produced goods. Prices of re-exported products fell slightly in the last four years, while prices of goods produced in the Netherlands rose slightly. However, this was caused by differences in the composition of the goods exported.

Jasper Roos