Consumers slightly more positive

Dutch consumer confidence increased slightly in August compared to July. This brings confidence almost back to June’s level. In July, consumer confidence had a small dip. The August improvements are due to the more positive opinions consumers had about the economic climate. There was no change in willingness to buy, according to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands.

More positive about the economic climate

In August, Dutch consumers were mainly more positive about the economic climate in the next twelve months. The opposite was true in July, when consumers were more negative about the economic climate in de next twelve months. This led to a slight dip in consumer confidence.

Willingness to purchase unchanged

There was no change in willingness to purchase in August. Consumers’ opinions about their own financial situation and about major purchases remained just about the same. 

Optimists form a slight majority

Dutch consumer confidence has been on the increase since the autumn of 2005. August was the third month in a row where the optimists outweighed the pessimists among consumers.

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