Number of job vacancies increased

15/08/2006 12:26

The number of job vacancies reached 189 thousand at the end of June 2006, 17 thousand more than at the end of the first quarter. This is the highest level for five years. Compared with the preceding quarter, the number of job vacancies increased in all sectors of industry, but most strongly in commercial services. The data have been corrected for seasonal effects.

Just as in preceding quarters, there was an increase in both new and filled vacancies. In the second quarter of 2006, over 70 thousand more jobs became available than twelve months previously. The number of vacancies filled was almost 50 thousand higher. Again, the labour market was more dynamic.

The vacancy rate is the number of vacant jobs per thousand jobs, and thus a measure for the shortage on the labour market. For over two years now, the vacancy rate has been higher than in the same period of the previous year. At the end of June 2006 there were 31 vacancies per thousand jobs, 9 more than at the end of June 2005. The highest vacancy rates occurred in business services, catering, banking and insurance. 

Job vacancies, seasonally adjusted

Job vacancies, seasonally adjusted