Manufacturing output rises further

After adjustment for working day patterns, Dutch manufacturing production was up by 1.9 percent in June on June 2005. In May the output already was 1.5 percent higher than the year before.

In June 2006, output increased in nearly all branches compared with June last year. The petrochemical and metal sectors in particular did well, with output increases of 4 and 3 percent respectively. The wood, construction materials and furniture industry produced less than in June 2005.

Seasonally adjusted figures are more suitable to determine short-term developments in production. As the monthly seasonally adjusted figures are somewhat erratic, it is better to compare the average over two months with the average of the preceding two-month period.

After adjustment for seasonal effects and working day patterns, manufacturing output in the period May-June was 0.6 percent higher than in March-April. This is the seventh increase in a row.

Manufacturing output