Retail trade generates more turnover in May

Dutch retailers generated just over 12 percent more turnover in May this year than they did in May 2005. Turnover volume was just under 12 percent higher than in the corresponding month of the previous year, retail prices in May were slightly up on twelve months ago. May’s growth rate was affected by a difference in the number of shopping days between May 2006 and May 2005. After rough correction for this positive effect, turnover was about 10 percent higher than in May 2005.

Growth rates of 10 percent ore more compared to the same month a year previously are rare in retail trade. A relatively low level of retail turnover in May 2005 partly accounted for the sizeable growth in May 2006.

Both retailers in food and non-food performed well in May 2006. Turnover in the non-food sector was just under 16 percent up on last year. Prices of non-food products hardly changed compared to May 2005. With a turnover increase of more than 10 percent, almost every branch in the non-food sector did well in May. Clothes shops performed best of all. Their turnover rose by almost 20 percent compared to May 2005.

With a 7 percent turnover increase, the food sector also did well. Food prices increased by a modest 0.6 percent compared to May last year.

Volume changes in retail turnover are a first indication of volume changes in household consumption expenditure. Approximately one third of total domestic consumption expenditure consists of goods purchased in retail stores.

Turnover in retail trade

Turnover in retail trade