Inflation rate 1.3 percent in June

In June inflation rose to 1.3 percent, 0.1 of a percent point higher than in May this year. Inflation is measured as the change of the consumer price index compared with the same period twelve months previously.

The main reason for inflation rising in June was a price increases for vegetables.Prices of clothing contributed to a lesser extent to the slight rise in inflation. On the other hand, developments in car fuel prices restrained inflation. In June 2005 these prices rose by more on May than this year.

To allow eurozone comparisons, the inflation rate is also calculated according to the European harmonised method. According to this method, Dutch inflation in June was 1.8 percent, the same as in the two previous months. The Netherlands still has one of the lowest inflation rates in the eurozone.

According to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, inflation in the eurozone averaged  2.5 percent in June. In May the inflation rate was 2.5 percent as well.

The Dutch inflation rate

The Dutch inflation rate