Horticultural exports worth 17 billion euro

Exports of horticultural products grown in the Netherlands were worth 17 billion euro in 2005, a 5 percent increase on 2004. The total value of export of goods increased by more than 10 percent

Important export sector

Horticulture is an important export sector. In 2005, this sector accounted for 6 percent of total export value. With 17 billion euro, it was almost twice the export value of natural and industrial gas and also exceeds the export value of livestock products which stood at 12 billion euro.

Trade in horticultural products

Trade in horticultural products

Cut flowers most important export product

Within the Dutch horticulture sector, cut flowers are the most important export product. In 2005, nearly 4 billion euro worth of cut flowers crossed the border. Cut flowers were mainly exported to Germany and the United Kingdom. The export value of houseplants reached 1.5 billion euro. Most houseplants were sold to Germany.

Vital contribution to trade surplus

In 2005, the trade surplus of the Netherlands reached a record high of 32 billion euro. The horticulture sector made a significant contribution of over 10 billion euro. The largest trade surplus ((15 billion euro in 2005) was recorded in the chemical sector. The trade surplus of livestock products was more than 6 billion euro. 

Trade surplus

Trade surplus

Fruit constitutes one third of imports

In 2005, the import value of horticultural products was 6.6 billion euro, 5 percent more than in 2004. Compared with half a decade ago, the increase is also 5 percent. Fruit makes up more than one third of imported horticultural products.

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