More turnover in the Dutch manufacturing industry

10/05/2006 14:05

In March 2006, turnover in manufacturing was up by 11 percent on March 2005. For two years now, the turnover figure has been higher than in the corresponding month of the previous year.

About half of the turnover increase in March was due to higher selling prices. Furthermore March 2006 had one working day more, which has an effect of about 1 percent. Sales on the foreign market were up by 12 percent, and on the domestic market by nearly 10 percent.

The greatest turnover increase, of 20 percent, was observed in the oil, chemicals and rubber and plastics industry. Due to increasing construction activities, the turnover in the wood and construction materials industry was up by 14 percent. The branch metal, electrical engineering and means of transport also did brisk business. Turnover here increased by nearly 8 percent. In the food, beverages and tobacco industry entrepreneurs saw their turnover go up by almost 6 percent.

Turnover industry

Turnover industry