Volume of goods exports 8 percent higher in February

In February the export volume of goods was 8 percent higher than in February 2005. Export volume, adjusted for working days, in February grew at a rate above the average over 2005. With 4 percent, export volume growth in January, on the other hand, was below average. The month-on-month growth rate of exports may vary to some extent.

The volume of imports of goods was 9 percent higher than twelve months previously. The growth rate of import volume, adjusted for working day patterns, was more than 2 percent higher than the average growth in 2005.

Exports of goods, in terms of values, was 15 percent up in February. The value of imports of goods was 15 percent higher than twelve months previously as well. Import and export prices were 6 percent higher than in the same period a year before.

The value of imports and exports of raw materials and mineral fuels was considerably higher in February compared to February 2005. The value of imports was up 41 percent, the value of exports showed an increase by 44 percent. This is mainly caused by higher fuel prices.

Export of goods (volume)

Export of goods (volume)