More jobs in fourth quarter 2005

There were slightly more jobs in the fourth quarter of 2005 than in the third quarter. After corrections for seasonal effects the number of employee jobs rose by 9 thousand. This continues the slight recovery in employment in the course of 2005. The preceding two years there were only job losses

The increase in jobs in the fourth quarter was based mainly on more employment in business services and the care sector. In other sectors the number of jobs decreased or remained stable.

The increase in employment in business services is largely the result of more temp jobs, but in computer services, advertising agencies and economic services, too, more jobs became available.  In the collective sector the growth was entirely in the care and welfare sector. Employment in education remained fairly stable, in public administration it was steadily reduced.

Because of the increases in the past quarters the number of employee jobs was higher than a year before. This is for the first time in two and a half years.

Wage costs per labour-year were 2.3 percent higher in the fourth quarter than in the same quarter of 2004. The annual figure for 2005 is also 2.3 percent higher than for 2004. This is the smallest increase in wage costs since 1997.

Growth rate jobs and economic growth

Growth rate jobs and economic growth