Consumer confidence on the rise

23/03/2006 13:34

Consumer confidence, seasonally corrected, was up in March in comparison to February. Consumers were considerably more positive about the economic climate. Willingness to buy increased slightly. Although consumer confidence has been on the increase for six months, there are still more pessimists than optimists.

There was a large improvement in consumer sentiment about the economic climate in March. On balance there were as many optimists as pessimists. Consumers were particularly more positive about the economic climate in the next twelve months. Here the optimists now have a fair majority. Opinions on the past twelve months also saw a considerable improvement.

The willingness of consumers to buy increased slightly. Consumers felt it was a better time for major purchases such as furniture and  washing machines. There was hardly a change in the opinions consumers held about their own financial situation in the next and in the previous twelve months.

Consumer confidence, seasonally adjusted

Consumer confidence, seasonally adjusted