Arable crops considerably smaller

According to definite estimates published by Statistics Netherlands, the 2005 arable output was substantially smaller than in the previous year. This is almost entirely due to a smaller yield per hectare and a decrease of arable land. Onion and potato crops in particular were considerably smaller.

Fewer potatoes

In 2005, nearly 7 billion kilos of potatoes were harvested; a reduction by more than 9 percent on 2004. The potato crop of 2005 was considerably smaller than the average potato crop over the period 2000-2004. Table and seed potato crops were 13 percent down, whereas the output of potatoes grown for starch production remained virtually the same.

The decrease in the output of table and seed potatoes is caused by a reduction in area by 6 percent and a reduction of yield per hectare by 8 percent. More than three quarters of table and seed potatoes are grown on clay soil and about one quarter are grown on sandy and peat soil. 

Fewer seed onions due to smaller area

Last year, total harvest of seed onions was 20 percent smaller than in 2004, mainly caused by a reduction in area. In 2004, however, the area where seed onions were grown, was exceptionally large. Compared to the average over the period 2000-2004, total seed onion output of approximately 1 billion kilos was fairly high in 2005. 

More spring barley and rape

Spring barley and rape had high yields in 2005. Compared to 2004, the area of spring barley increased by 7 percent; the yield per hectare was  stable. The area where rape was grown, increased by almost one third from 1,600 hectares in 2004 to 2,100 hectares in 2005. Yet, the yield per hectare was 20 percent below the level of 2004, when production was high.