Landscape gardening booming business

The number of landscape gardening businesses increased by nearly 80 percent over the period 1995-2005. In 1995, there were more than 2,900 landscape gardening businesses in the Netherlands; a decade later their number had grown to 5,600. The boom in landscape gardening is partly due to the readiness of owners of private gardens to spend more money on design and layout.

Landscape gardening businesses

Many businesses in densely-populated areas

Landscape gardening businesses are mainly found in densely-populated provinces. No less than one fifth of all businesses in this sector are located in the province of South Holland. The provinces of Gelderland, North Holland and North Brabant each account for approximately 15 percent of businesses. Nearly two-thirds of landscape gardening businesses are situated in the above four provinces where, not coincidentally, also nearly two-thirds of the entire Dutch population are living.

Highest rate in Gelderland and Utrecht

With an average of 43 businesses per 100 thousand inhabitants, the rate was highest in Gelderland and Utrecht. The lowest rate was found in the provinces of Limburg and Groningen: 24 landscape gardening businesses per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Landscape gardening businesses per 100 thousand in the population, 2005

Highest increase rate in Drenthe and Gelderland

The highest increase rate was recorded in Drenthe and Gelderland. In these provinces the rate per 100 thousand residents increased by more than 20, in Limburg by no more than 10.

Increase in landscape gardening businesses per 100 thousand in the population, 1995-2005

Many small businesses

More than half of landscape gardening businesses are one-man businesses. Only 800 businesses in this sector employ five persons or more. 

Naud Philippens