Substantial investment increases forecast for 2005

Dutch producers expect to invest 13 percent more than in 2004. Among the various branches of industry only the food, beverages and tobacco industry expect a dip in investments. This is according to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands. In 2003 and 2004 industrial investments fell on the previous year. 

Investments in oil and chemicals recovering

Within Dutch industry, the entrepreneurs in oil and chemicals foresaw the largest increase in investments in 2005. They expect to invest 55 (oil) and 20 percent (chemicals) more than in 2004. In 2004 investments in the chemical industry fell by 35 percent, so that the 2005 investment level in chemicals is still lower than in 2003. Entrepreneurs in the food, beverages and tobacco industry are the only ones expecting to invest less in 2005. They expect a 2 percent reduction.                                                            

Public utilities (including energy companies) and extraction likewise have positive expectations about investments for 2005. The entrepreneurs in public utility supply expect a 19 percent investment increase. Dutch entrepreneurs in extraction are contemplating a 57 percent growth rate. Despite the high growth rate expected for 2005, investments in extraction are still lower than in 2003.

Industries expect no further rise in investment in 2006

Industrial entrepreneurs do not expect investments to rise further in 2006, they expect them to stay at the 2005 level. Producers in extractions and public utilities on the other hand are more positive. They expect investments in 2006 to rise by 15 and 17 percent respectively. 

Producers make positive adjustment to the 2006 forecast

Industrial entrepreneurs have become more positive during 2005 about investments in 2006. In the spring of 2005 they forecast a 17 percent dip in investments. The fact that the entrepreneurs became more positive fits in with the rise in producer confidence that started in August 2005.

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