Continuous growth international trade

In October 2005 the volume of the  imports of goods was 7 percent higher than a year ago. The volume of exports increased by 5 percent, according to the latest preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands.

Import and export prices in October were 3 percent higher than in October 2004. The value of imported goods in October was 22.3 billion euro, up 11 percent on October 2004. The value of exports was 8 percent higher, reaching 24.6 billion euro. There was a  2.3 billion euro trade surplus in October, down somewhat on October 2004 when the trade surplus was 2.6 billion euro.

More trade with non-EU countries

The value of the imports from countries outside the European Union was 10.3 billion euro in October 2005, up 16 percent on October 2004. There were more imports from China in particular. Exports to non-EU countries increased by 14 percent, reaching 5.7 billion euro. In particular the exports of goods to Russia increased in October.

The imports from EU countries were up by 6 percent, while the value came to 12 billion euro. Exports to EU countries likewise increased by 6 percent on October 2004. The export value was 18.9 billion euro.

Influence of higher fuel prices

In October the trade value of raw materials and mineral fuels rose fastest. This is mainly due to the much higher fuel prices as compared to October 2004. The import value was 33 percent higher than in October 2004 while the export value was up by 24 percent.

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