Higher turnover for manufacturing industry

Turnover in the Dutch manufacturing industry was 7 percent higher in October 2005 than in the same month last year. The increase was largely the result of higher prices; production remained at around the same level, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands.

Higher prices push up turnover

The higher turnover realised by the manufacturing industry was largely the result of higher factory gate prices. These rose by 5 percent ton average. The increase in turnover was around the same size on both the domestic and the export market. Turnover grew by most in the petroleum, chemical and rubber industry. 

Production nearly unchanged

In October 2005 production was at about the same level as in October 2004. In the third quarter of this year it was half of one percent higher than in the same period last year.

The short-term development remains positive. After corrections for seasonal and working day effects, manufacturing companies produced 0.7 percent more in the period September-October 2005 than in July-August.

Production of investment goods rose substantially in September-October. Production of raw materials and semi-manufactured products also rose slightly. The production of consumer goods remained practically the same.