Consumer confidence rising again

Dutch consumer confidence, seasonally corrected, rose in November 2005 in comparison with October. This is the second month in a row that consumer confidence is rising. Despite this, there are still more pessimists than optimists according to the latest consumer survey by Statistics Netherlands.

The rise in consumer confidence in November is due to the fact that consumers are less negative about the economic climate, and more willing to buy.

Opinion about the economic climate more positive

Consumers are more positive about the economic climate in November than they were in October. They have also become less negative about the economy over the next and over the past twelve months.  

Slightly less negative about willingness to buy

Dutch consumers are slightly less negative about their willingness to buy in November than in October. Willingness to buy is based on the opinion consumers have about their households’ financial situation and on the question whether or not this is a good time for major purchases.

The opinion consumers had about their own financial situation over the last twelve months improved. Their opinion about their financial situation over the next twelve months remained virtually unchanged. Consumers replied slightly less negative to the question whether or not this is a good time for major purchases.