Manufacturing output higher in September

In September 2005 Dutch industrial production, working day adjusted, was 1.6 percent higher than in September 2004. In the previous five months manufacturing production was equal to the level of a year before.  

It is best to use the seasonally adjusted figures to determine short term developments in production. The monthly seasonally adjusted figures show a somewhat erratic course, so the average over two months is compared to the average over the preceding two months.

After adjustment for seasonal effects and working day patterns, manufacturing output rose with 0.5 percent in August-September compared to June-July 2005. The production of the food-, drinks- and tobaco industry, the paper-, publishing- en printing industry and the oil, chemicals and rubber industry increased. Other sectors, including the metalindustry, produced less than in June-July 2005.

The production of consumer goods increased in the period August-September 2005, while the production of investment goods fell substantially. The production of raw materials and semi-manufactured goods slightly decreased. 

Manufacturing output

Manufacturing output