Higher turnover retail trade

In the third quarter of 2005 turnover in the Dutch retail trade was up by 0.6 percent on the same period of 2004. This turnover increase followed nine quarters of turnover losses. Prices in retail trade in the third quarter were down by 1.1 percent on the previous year. The turnover volume increased by 1.7 percent according to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands.

Turnover of the food sector up by 0.9 percent

In the third quarter of 2005 food stores saw a turnover increase of 0.9 percent on the previous year. Prices were down by 0.7 percent, while the turnover volume was up by 1.6 percent. Supermarkets saw a turnover increase of 0.9 percent while the turnover of specialist food, beverages and tobacco stores increased by 1.1 percent.

Turnover of non-food stores also up by 0.9 percent

Stores in the non-food sector also showed a 0.9 percent turnover increase in the third quarter. Almost all branches observed showed a slight turnover increase. Only textile supermarkets and stores selling household articles saw a turnover loss.

Turnover retail trade higher in September

In September 2005 turnover in the retail trade was 2.3 percent higher than in September 2004. Prices were 1.1 percent lower while the turnover volume grew by 3.4 percent. The greatest turnover increase was found in the food sector.

Turnover developments in September 2005 were positively influenced by the more favourable shopping day pattern in comparison with September 2004.

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