Highest economic growth rates in Flevoland and Haarlemmermeer

According to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands, the economic growth rate in the Dutch province Flevoland in 2004 was substantially higher than the economic growth rate in the rest of the country. The growth rate of Haarlemmermeer was the highest of the lower regional levels.

While the Dutch economic growth rate averaged 1.7 percent, the economic growth rate of Flevoland reached 3.4 percent. Groningen had an even higher growth rate (3.8 percent) but this was due to the extraction of gas in the province. North Holland’s growth rate was slightly above average. Haarlemmermeer, the region in the province of North Holland that includes Amsterdam’s international airport Schiphol, peaked with a 4.3 percent growth rate. The lowest growth rate of 0.1 percent was found in Zeeland. 

Broad-based economic growth rates of Flevoland and Haarlemmermeer

Various branches of industry contributed to the increased economic growth rate in the province Flevoland. The same is true for the Haarlemmermeer, where aviation is strongly represented. Almost a third of the total value added in the Haarlemmermeer originated with this branch of industry. Aviation was flourishing in 2004, but also wholesale and retail trade and business services performed above average in the region. Flevoland and Haarlemmermeer together contribute about 4 percent to the national economy.

The low economic growth rate in Zeeland of 0.1 percent is mainly due to the lacklustre performance of several major industries.

Natural gas extraction influences the image of the northern provinces

The high growth rate of the province of Groningen (3.8 percent) is almost entirely due to the increase in natural gas production. In 2004 almost 11 percent more oil and gas was extracted in the Netherlands than in 2003. Two thirds of the main land extractions was natural gas from Groningen. The other northern provinces Drenthe and Friesland performed substantially less in 2004 with growth rates of 0.8 and 0.5 percent respectively. In contrast to Groningen less gas was extracted in these provinces in 2004 than in 2003. When natural gas extraction is not taken into account, the growth rates of all three northern provinces are close to the national average.

Major cities

The highest growth rate of the four major cities in the Netherlands was found in greater Amsterdam (2.4 percent). The greater Amsterdam region includes Haarlemmermeer. Also greater Utrecht and greater The Hague performed above average with 2.0 and 1.9 percent. The growth rate of The Hague was slowed down by the 0.4 percent decrease in the value added generated by the government. Rotterdam, with a growth rate of 1.5 percent, performed just below the national figure. The four major urban areas produce over 30 percent of the total value added in the Netherlands. The economic growth rate of the four major cities together reached 2.0 percent.

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