More and more South African wine on the Dutch market

30/08/2005 14:00

More and more South-African Wine is coming onto the Dutch market. In 1996 South Africa was seventh on the list of wine deliverers to the Netherlands. In the last eight years it has moved up to second place behind France, leaving renowned wine producing countries such as Spain, Germany and Italy behind. The amount of wine each person drinks in the Netherlands rose by 2.5 litres a year in the period 1996-2003, to nearly 20 litres a year.

Dutch wine imports: main countries of origin

Dutch wine imports: main countries of origin

Chilean and Australian wine also popular

Wines from Chile and Australia are also increasingly gaining ground in the Netherlands. The share of  Chilean wine in Dutch wine imports has more than doubled in the space of eight years. The share of Australian wine increased fourfold in the same period.

France stays number one

The Netherlands imports most wine from France: nearly 147 million litres last year. The share of French wine in Dutch wine imports fell sharply though. In 2004 it dropped under 40 percent for the first time. In 1996 it was still 46 percent.

Wine imports

Wine imports

Cheapest wine from Germany and South Africa

In 2004 import price for a litre of wine was 2.07 euro. The cheapest wine comes from Germany and South Africa: 1.57 per litre. The most expensive wine is from Portugal. One litre of Portuguese wine cost on average 3.22 euro.

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