Highest consumer confidence for the last three years

Consumer confidence has risen further in April 2005 and is now at its highest level since three years ago. However, there are still more pessimists among consumers than optimists. After correction for seasonal effects, confidence comes to -16 in April according to Statistics Netherlands consumer confidence survey. Consumers are more positive about the economic climate, and willingness to buy has also risen slightly. 

Opinion on economic climate improves further

Consumers’ opinions on the economic climate is clearly better. The difference between the percentage of optimists and the percentage of pessimists is -8. Consumers are considerably more positive about the economy in the coming twelve months in particular than they were last month. Moreover this is the only component indicator with a positive value. In other words there are more optimists than pessimists. Consumers are less negative about the economy in the last twelve months.

Willingness to buy slightly up

Willingness to buy is up slightly this month. This component is based on consumers’ opinions on their own financial situation and on whether it is a good time to buy expensive items. Consumers are less negative about their own situation in the coming twelve months. Their opinions on their finances in the last twelve months and whether it is a good time to but expensive items have hardly changed.

Consumer confidence on the rise

Consumer confidence has been improving since January 2005. The rise in the first four months of this year totalled 13 points. The last time consumer confidence rose by this amount was July-October 1999. Consumer confidence is higher in April 2005 than it has been since April 2002. Compared with the long-term average, however, it is still low.

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