Less turnover in Dutch retail trade

According to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands, turnover in the Dutch retail trade in February 2005 was down by 4 percent on February 2004. Retail prices fell by 1 percent during this period, while the turnover volume decreased by 3.1 percent. This lower turnover in February is a continuation of the negative development that started in the second quarter of 2003. 

Lower turnover in the food sector

In February 2005 turnover in Dutch food stores was down by 1.2 percent on February 2004. Prices in these stores fell by 0.4 percent, while the turnover volume decreased by 0.7 percent. Specialised stores in food, beverages and tobacco saw a substantial decrease in turnover. Shops such as greengrocers and butchers experienced a 3.6 percent drop in turnover in February. The turnover of supermarkets in February was down by 0.7 percent on the previous year.   

Also less turnover in non-food

The turnover in the non-food sector in February was 5.5 percent lower than in February 2004. This fits the trend emerging from the consumer survey carried out by Statistics Netherlands. Willingness to purchase is still relatively low among Dutch consumers. The greatest decrease in turnover of all non-food branches observed was in consumer electronics. Turnover in stores selling electrical household appliances, telecom equipment, photo equipment and computers was down 11.5 percent on February 2005 on the year before. In 2003 and 2004 stores selling consumer electronics also lost turnover. Furthermore, in February, the turnover fell in drugstores, clothes stores, household furnishings, household articles and the DIY branch. The fall in turnover in the DIY branch was observed in the specialised stores in this branch, such as hardware stores, and stores selling paint and wallpaper. Turnover in DIY superstores, on the other hand, increased.

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