Consumer confidence remains unchanged

Dutch consumer confidence, corrected for seasonal influences, reached -21 in March 2005. This is virtually the same as in February. The slight rise of the previous two months did not continue in March. Consumers feel the economy is doing slightly better, but don’t see any improvement in their own financial situation. Willingness to purchase remained low, according to the latest figures from the Consumer Survey by Statistics Netherlands.

Consumers less negative about the economic climate

In March consumers were more positive in their opinion about the economic climate than in February, as is shown by the seasonally corrected figures. This is mainly due to the substantial improvement in the opinion about the economic climate over the past twelve months. Consumers hardly changed their opinion about the coming twelve months, remaining slightly positive on balance.

Willingness to purchase remains low

The seasonally corrected figure for willingness to purchase reached -23. This is virtually identical to February’s figure. Willingness to purchase is based on the opinions consumers have about the financial situation of their own household and about the question if this is a good time to make major purchases. The three indicators are all unchanged and remain at a low level.

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